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Meet the Team

Boys & Girls Club Values

We put people first.

We take good care of the people who take care of people — including staff, kids, parents, vendors, volunteers, and stakeholders. We (1) respect differences without judgement and (2) respect everyone in the ways that we speak, listen, and act.

We stay true to our commitments.

We hold ourselves, our teammates, and our partners accountable to the highest standards. We stay true to our commitments and are impeccable stewards of all our resources.

We lead with integrity.

We lead by example through open and honest dialogue, owning our mistakes and proactively seeking solutions.

We embrace change.

We drive change by being adaptive, always holding a posture of curiosity over criticism. We're always looking for opportunities to improve rather than accepting it's always been done this way.

We get it done.

We take the initiative to be creative problem-solvers — because our work changes lives. We are continuously improving ourselves and our organization. Our team strives for excellence in everything we do.

We have fun!

Our eyes are always open for meaningful ways to encourage and engage with Club kids. We look for the positives in every moment and actively celebrate wins.

Our Operating Agreement

1) Kid-focused in everything we do.

2) Curiosity over criticism.

3) Don't assume what can be asked.

4) Open, honest dialogue is an expectation.

5) United front with a single message.

6) Bring the why and understand the why.

7) Team Code of Conduct:

  • Listen

  • Ask for clarification

  • Speak & treat others with respect

  • Assume positive intent

  • Be fully present

  • Focus on the issue, not the person

Board of Directors

Katie Thompson

Board Chair

Lincoln Pediatric Group

Brian Kanter

Vice President

Collaborative Industries

Kirk Schlueter


Pinnacle Bank

Jessica Erstad

Director - Resource Development


Trent Sidders

Cline Williams

Jack Coogan


Tom Jara

Union Bank & Trust

Shari Veil

University of Nebraska

DeMoine Adams


James Volkmer

University of Nebraska

Keisha Thomas

State of Nebraska

Charlotte Everts

Park Middle School

Megan Kroll

North Star High School

Cedric Cooper

Northwest High School

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