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Summer Programs

Summer registration is open until May 31!

Scroll down to explore our two summer Club offerings!

Students may only sign up for ONE summer camp — not both! If you are signing up for the Jr. NBA Camp, please select the Northwest High School membership when you register online.

Please add our Administrative Assistant, Gabriela Hernandez ( to your email contacts to ensure that Club emails don't end up in your spam folder.

If you have encounter any issues registering online, please contact Gabriela. Thanks for helping us make this the best year yet!

(For returning members who already have a Parent Portal login)

(For first-time registrants or returning members who have not logged in to the Parent Portal before)

BGC Summer Camp (2).png

Middle School Summer Club

June 5 - 30 at Park Middle School

For any students entering 6th grade (Fall 2023) through students leaving 8th grade (Spring 2023)​


11:30 - 12:15 p.m.


5:30 p.m.

Contact Phone:

(531) 500-1353

Activities include:

  • 🐾 Field trip to the Omaha Zoo! Meet amazing creatures up close and personal!

  • ⚽ Soccer and Jr. PGA Golf: Unleash your child's athletic talents on the field and course!

  • 🔬 STEM Activities: Ignite their curiosity with hands-on experiments and mind-blowing discoveries!

  • 👫 Lifelong Friendships: Your child will create bonds that last a lifetime!

BGC Summer Camp (1).png

Jr. NBA Basketball Camp

At Northwest High School, ages 11-19 (middle and high school)

You may sign up for one or both sessions!

Session 1: June 5-16th   |   Session 2: June 20-30th


11:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Camp Coordinators:

Ramel Lloyd (

Chuck Love (

Phone: (531) 500-1353

Activities include:

  • 🏀 Improve Your Basketball Skills: Learn from professional coaches and take your game to new heights!

  • 🎙️ Broadcasting: Become the voice of the game and learn the art of sports broadcasting!

  • 🔬 STEM Activities: Discover the science behind basketball and engage in exciting STEM challenges!

  • 🌟 Life Skills: Develop essential life skills like teamwork, communication, and perseverance!

  • 🔝 Leadership Skills: Inspire others, lead by example, and become a true team captain!

  • 💰 Financial Literacy: Master the game of money and learn valuable financial skills for life!

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