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Boys & Girls Club of Lincoln Welcomes New CEO Dominique Kelley

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Lincoln, NE (September 28, 2023) — Boys & Girls Clubs of Lincoln/Lancaster County (BGCL), a nonprofit dedicated to empowering youth, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dominique Kelley as its new CEO. Kelley will begin in this role in October 2023.

Kelley is a highly respected leader with over 10 years of experience in coaching and education. In her previous role at Lincoln High School, Kelley helped build and teach at a program called “The Foundry.” The Foundry is a school within a school at LHS where juniors and seniors take a nontraditional approach to earning their diplomas. Kelley was instrumental in helping over 80 youth see their full potential and earn high school diplomas.

Additionally, Kelley was integral to Lincoln High’s basketball program as Head Coach of the girls basketball team. Kelley led the team to a winning record of 88-33 in five seasons, and the 2023 Class A state runner-up. Kelley also won many professional accolades including 2023 EPIC Coach of the Year.

“I'm elated to be joining the BGCL family,” said Kelley. “This is an incredible opportunity and I'm so appreciative. The mission of BGCL aligns well with the work I did during my time at Lincoln High School, as well as my values and belief system. My experiences with students and their families to cultivate success and change life trajectories will complement me well in this work. I want to thank Katie as well as the rest of the board members for their vision, leadership, and belief in me. I am excited to get to work.”

“Our team at Boys and Girls Clubs of Lincoln/Lancaster County are the most important part of our organization,” said Katie Thompson, President of BGCL’s Board of Directors. “Without them, our mission of helping Lincoln’s youth reach their full potential, would not happen.

“Dominique’s proven record both in the classroom with her young scholars and on the court with her athletes make her uniquely qualified to help us grow our mission in Lincoln. Her passion for removing economic barriers for youth and helping them not only achieve, but also see their full potential fully aligns with BGCL. When she was asked about her success as a coach, she said, ‘I have high expectations, but I am fair and consistent.’ If you have had the opportunity to watch the young athletes at Lincoln High, you know that her approach to leadership has earned her their respect and trust. On behalf of the Board of BGCL, we are excited to welcome Dominique to the team soon!”

About Boys & Girls Club of Lincoln/Lancaster County

Boys & Girls Clubs of Lincoln/Lancaster County (BGCL) was founded in 2007 with a mission to empower all youth to reach their full potential. Boys & Girls Club fights poverty rates in Lincoln and ensures a Great Future for every member by focusing on workforce readiness, academic success, good character and leadership, and healthy lifestyles. To learn more, visit



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